My Little Scythe

My local board game meetup in Vancouver was lucky to have the chance to play a production copy of My Little Scythe with the designer Hoby Chou on hand. Chou designed the game based on Scythe with his daughter Vienna Chou. The vibrant artwork from Katie Khau), cute miniatures, and simplified rules create a less intimidating game for families and new gamers alike. All while maintaining elements familiar to experienced Scythe players.

My Little Scythe Designer Hoby Chou

My Little Scythe plays with up to 6 players and includes 7 pairs of unique animal character figures for a total of 14 minis.

My Little Scythe Box

Players can move, seek, or make on their turn.

My Little Scythe Player Board

Dice are rolled for the seek action to determine where apples, gems, and quests are placed. Placing gems and apples in a space with an opposing player increases your friendship. The color of the icon determines the area the resource must be placed in.

My Little Scythe Dice

A new mechanic in My Little Scythe is deliveries. Apples and Gems can be used for make actions from wherever your characters are on the board, or you can attempt to move them to the castle. Delivering 4 apples or 4 gems to the castle in the middle will earn a trophy.

My Little Scythe Delivery

My Little Scythe New Mechanic

Similar to encounters in Scythe, a quest card is drawn when a player stops on a space with a quest token. They must choose one of three options.

My Little Scythe Quest

My Little Scythe Quest 2

Encountering other players on a space starts a pie fight. Players can throw as many pies as they have on the pie track, plus additional pies on magic spell cards.

My Little Scythe Pie Fight

My Little Scythe Pie Fight 2

The player to earn 4 trophies triggers the end of the game and all other players get one final turn. I managed to win with 4 trophies, the most friendship, and the most resources (gems & apples).

My Little Scythe Trophies

Take a closer look at these amazing minis. Click to open full size.

If you have any questions about My Little Scythe, drop them in the comments. Let me know how excited you are for this game!

My Little Scythe Mid Game

My Little Scythe End Game


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