Elemental Dice

Elemental Dice are custom glow-in-the-dark dice to accessorize your games with. There are dice for earth, wind, fire, water, and lighting elements, with each glowing in a different color. Sets are available from Creator Studio HK (Note that prices are in Hong Kong dollars, I was shocked by the $160 price tag at first too).


The chamfered edges help with rolling and give the dice a different look. I am more partial to rounded corners on dice, however there doesn’t feel like much difference in rolling performance. The chamfers have the side benefit of being able to balance on their edge on a display shelf.


The dice are not super easy to read in daylight when not glowing, or at least that was my experience with the earth elemental die. Looking at photos of the fire and water dice, they appear to be more legible when not glowing. When the dice are charged up, the symbols are nice and bright. However, I still think some of the symbols will be challenging for people to distinguish between at a quick glance. For the earth elemental die, those faces are the 5 and 6. The peaks are getting tiny on these faces and quickly spotting the difference takes some getting used to.

Elemental Dice Earth

For me, Elements Dice are a collectors item and conversation piece. Cool dice that you pull out and show off to your friends. They are not the most practical dice for use in RPGs or board games due to poor readability. However, if you were a dungeon master controlling elementals or sorcerer casting lighting bolt or fireball, the Elements Dice would be a cool thematic touch. It would be quite expensive to 8d6 of each element though.

Elemental Dice set

Do you know other cool dice I should check out? Hit up that comment section or share photos with me of your unique dice on Instagram and Twitter.

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