Dice Miner

Compete against fellow dwarves to mine dice from the mountain, scoring points for gems, building tunnels, and more, all in under 30 minutes. Dice Miner is a dice drafting game for 1-4 players from Atlas Games, designed by Joshua DeBonis and Nikola Risteski. Learn how to play and get a quick overview of the game’s highlights.


  • Short, simple rules make Dice Miner easy to introduce to friends who prefer light social games
  • 60 beautiful custom dice – the deluxe edition dice are even nicer than the standard version shown in the how to play
  • Multiple game modes – includes a solo game and rules are online for press your luck game using the tunnel dice, Liquid Courage (pdf)
  • Sharing a beer mechanism creates some fun and exciting interaction at the table


  • Cardboard mountain needs to be partially disassembled to fit back in the box. This is a minor inconvenience and could led to wear over time
  • The dwarf miners theme is fitting, but thematic gamers will not find it strongly tied to gameplay

Play Now on Tabletopia

Playing a game is always the best way to judge a game for yourself, so try Dice Miner on Tabletopia. In the case of Dice Miner though, it is certainly more fun to fill the mountain and roll your beer dice over to your friends when playing in person.

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