Comic Hunters

Comic Hunters is all about building the most valuable collection of Marvel comic books. Designed by Robert Coelho, Comics Hunters is currently only available in Brazil from Bucaneiros Jogos.

Comic Hunters cover

1-4 Players

60 Minutes (I’d say that is maximum)

Ages 14+

Designed by Robert Coelho

Art by Diego Sá

Published by Bucaneiros Jogos

Throughout the game, you’ll be visiting four locations and acquiring comic cards in different ways. The comic shop uses the standard pick & pass drafting method like Sushi Go or 7 Wonders. At the flea market, players will add cards to a row or take all the cards in a row, similar to Coloretto. The auction site is an auction, of course, where players must outbid others to get the best comics. The last location is the convention, which uses the most unique method of selecting cards. A grid of cards is laid out and one card can be moved like a slide puzzle before selecting a row or column from which to take all comics for one hero. All the specifics on how to play are contained in the video below.

My Thoughts

  • The game is easy to learn, because you only need to teach each location as it is visited, rather than all the rules at once.
  • Familiar drafting mechanics are combined to create a comfortable challenge and overall enjoyable game.
  • The board has great art that easily lays out the flow of the game and makes it clear for all how to score points. I just wish it had a reminder of when to change the first player. 
  • Comic Hunters emulates the hobby of collecting well. Collectors will acquire big lots of comics, and sell off most of them to keep the ones they want in their personal collection.
  • The problem of wanting too many comics and not having cards to pay for them is too real for many comic collectors.
  • Different cards are more valuable in each game, much like the fluctuation in real comic values. Such as when specific characters are more desired because a movie is coming out.
  • I enjoyed the small details on the cards, such as noting who the new character is in comics marked with the first appearance icon (even though it is in Portuguese).

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