OT Fantasy Draft

OT Fantasy Draft is a biblical fantasy sports themed card game designed by Lance Hill from Funhill Games. Select the most valuable cards and discover high scoring combinations to create the best Old Testament team and win the game. Learn how to play OT Fantasy Draft and see if it is the right game for you to back on Kickstarter.

2-5 Players

20-45 Minutes

Ages 10+

Designed by Lance Hill

Art by Matthew Ebisch

Published by Funhill Games

Kickstarter Campaign Page

My Thoughts

  • Many Bible themed board games are just trivia or are just boring games. OT Fantasy Draft is a solid drafting card game rivaling Red Rising or Fantasy Realms, but with a theme perfect for church picnics or youth groups
  • Very creative blending of fantasy sports and old testament themes in the artwork. People cards show them making plays and things look like team logos.
  • Games are relatively short and encourage repeat plays as you learn all the cards and discover new combos that will score you tons of points
  • Rules light. Pick a card on your turn and refill the draft line, that’s basically it. Scoring can seem complex at first, but is understandable after one play.

You May Also Enjoy

If you are looking for more Biblical themed board games, Funhill Games also publishes Wisdom of Solomon, a worker placement game set in the reign of King Solomon.

One thought on “OT Fantasy Draft

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  1. Matt, thanks for covering this game. Your post helped me discover Funhill Games, which I hadn’t known about. That led me to your review on Wisdom of Solomon — which has some decent ratings! I can see why it funded so well.

    Hope you’re doing well. -Chris


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