Trekking Through History

Trekking Through History is an adventure in time visiting historical events and ancestors, collecting experience tokens to fill your itineraries over 3 days. Whoever can best visit events in chronological order while maximizing their experience each day will win the game. Trekking Through History is the third game in the “Trekking” series after Trekking the National Parks and Trekking the World. Originally funded on Kickstarter, Trekking Through History is currently available on Amazon.

2-4 Players

30-60 Minutes

Ages 10+

Designed by Charlie Bink

Art by Eric Hibbeler

Published by Underdog Games

My Thoughts

  • Gametrayz insert and token tray make organization and setup super easy
  • A neoprene mat is included in the retail edition, which fits inside the box
  • The unique history cards have colorful and appealing artwork
  • Component quality and overall production attracts players to the table
  • Smooth gameplay moves quickly and hits the sweet spot complexity-wise where it can be played with family, but still offers a good challenge
  • Classic trivia games can be boring, Trekking Through History has educational value built into a fun game
  • Feels satisfying to build a long trek of cards, or completely fill an itinerary card with tokens
  • Less new cards are revealed with 2 players, making it harder to complete long treks, which can be less gratifying

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