Animals in Espionage

Animals in Espionage is a two player only game of deduction and forcing your opponent to make tough decisions. Intel cards for different animal agents are split into two piles and collected by players in standard “I cut, you choose” fashion. Points are earned for collected intel matching your agents and for intel collected by your opponent on your spy. Final points are wagered to guess your opponent agent’s identity based on their actions during the game. Watch how to play and then read my thoughts on Animals in Espionage.

2 Players

10-15 Minutes

Ages 9+

Designed by Joe Hout

Art by Ka-Boom! Estudio

Published by Twin City Games

My Thoughts

  • Super quick to get a game started and fast game play make for a great filler game
  • Fun theme with cute animal artwork
Various intel cards from Animals in Espionage
  • Level of deduction is not so complex that kids would have a hard time
  • If you are bad at deduction, the points lost are outweighed by the points you can gain from collecting valuable intel cards
Evidence board full of red string to deduce the agent's identity in Animals in Espionage
  • Included Mole and Walrus “expansions” add variety and new ways to bluff to prevent the game from getting stale quickly
  • Feels different from other 2 player only games, including the few deduction ones out there (e.g. Mr. Jack or Pocket Ops)
Game of Animals in Espionage in progress

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