Overstocked has players managing a toy warehouse during the 1990s. Add crate cards to your warehouse, overlapping existing cards to increase your stock of Furbies, Beanie Babies, yo-yos, and Tamagotchis. Or play them into the popularity to influence the demand for each toy. Craze for the most popular toy has died out and will score negative points. Avoid being overstocked with that toy and have the most valuable warehouse to win.

1-6 Players

20 Minutes

Ages 12+

Designed by Mandela Fernandez-Grandon

Art by Archie Edwards

Published by Play for Keeps

My Thoughts

  • Versatile player count ranging from solo to 6 players, makes it an especially useful filler game
  • Simultaneous card selection and set rounds keeps games short and of a predictable length
  • Card placement is very puzzle-like, will make you try to plan a few cards ahead
  • The most desirable toy is constantly changing, so it is rare for players to have no chance of winning
  • Included mini-expansions offer even more ways to play and mix up the strategy
  • Nostalgic theme with cute artwork, each toy has several unique designs
  • Recommended for fans of overlapping card games like Sprawlopolis, Circle the Wagons, and HonshÅ«

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