World Stitchers

Animal spirits are creating a new world stitching chunks of land together in the new tile placement board game World Stitchers. Collect the energy that spawns and build spires to win the right to name the new world. Learn more about World Stitchers below.

1-4 Players

30 Minutes

Ages 9+

Designed by Pepijn van Loon

Art by Marlies Barends

Published by Broken Mill

Kickstarter Campaign Page

My Thoughts

  • Gameplay is very calm and relaxing
  • Enjoyable to play at all player counts, including solo
  • The different tile shape changes up the familiar tile placement game in a fun way
  • Movement mechanism creates interesting choices as you try to find the ideal path to collect energy
  • During the last few turns, it can be calculated whether you could win or not (unless modules are used)
  • Despite basic terrain artwork, the stitch marks on the tiles bring the world together on the table and look really cool
  • Modules aren’t a must, but there is almost no reason not to play with them
  • Cute animals and approachable theme complemented by straightforward actions make World Stitchers a great game for new hobby gamers

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