In the shadows of Zanzibar, Mind MGMT recruits psychically-abled individuals to further their corrupt agenda. It is up to four rogue agents to find and capture this recruiter and end Mind MGMT’s global influence. Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game” is a hidden movement board game based on the Mind MGMT graphic novels created by Matt Kindt. Play as the recruiter evading capture and contacting new recruits, or as the rogue agents looking for clues to the recruiter’s whereabouts.

1-5 Players

60 Minutes

Ages 14+

Designed by Jay Cormier & Sen-Foong Lim

Art by Matt Kindt

Published by Off the Page Games

My Thoughts

  • Restricted movement rules for the recruiter created an excellent logic based deduction challenge for the rogue agent players.
  • Top-notch hidden movement game that gives both sides plenty to do. Tutorial game is light for the recruiter, but it can be skipped by most groups.
  • Actions are easy to explain and gameplay is typically quite fast, depending on how much players want to debate & discuss.
  • The SHIFT system includes a ton of additional content to add in over repeated plays. As well as mini comic books for fans of the graphic novel.
  • Production value was outstanding, excellent insert for storage of components. Worth getting the deluxe edition.
  • Every inch of this game is covered in beautiful art and little details from the original graphic novel’s artist.
  • As someone who most often runs the game as the recruiter, the app was greatly appreciated to play solo from the rogue agent side. This also allows groups to play entirely cooperatively as rogue agents against the AI.

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