SPECTRE: The Board Game

Villains compete to fulfill their secret plans and rise through the ranks of the SPECTRE organization. Classic Bond villains Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Rosa Klebb, Raoul Silva, and others must further the needs of SPECTRE together, but everyone wants to be Number 1. Careful, dastardly plotting is key, but 007 won’t let plans go off without a hitch.

2-4 Players

20-45 Minutes

Ages 14+

Designed by KAEDAMA (Antoine Bauza, Théo Rivière, Corentin Lebrat, and Ludovic Maublanc) & Modiphius Design Team

Published by Modiphius Entertainment

My Thoughts

  • Concept of players working together, but being out for their own goals is interesting, but feels under executed.
  • Exceeds the reputation licensed games have for being awful, but could have been even better.
  • Components are pretty generic, which aside from the bad aesthetic appeal, causes the confusion of which pawn is the villain and which is the henchman.
  • I wish the Villain minis were unique characters and generic SPECTRE symbols could represent the henchmen. Adds more table presence and immersion in the theme.
  • Despite bland components, the theme comes through. Villains attempt to accomplish missions, but then James Bond interferes. If Bond visits you, your villain monologues revealing one of your secret plans.
  • The rule book layout hindered initial gameplay experience and has rules straight up missing from it.
  • Solid catch up mechanics keep everyone in contention to win the game.
  • Overall lacks the collector appeal for Bond fans and is just an okay board game.

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