Whirling Witchcraft

Whirling Witchcraft is a family weight board game where players choose recipes, brew ingredients, and pass them off to rival witches. Fill your cauldron faster than your opponents can use the ingredients and you might be the winner. Learn all the details on how to play Whirling Witchcraft below.

Whirling Witchcraft box cover

2-5 Players

30 Minutes (or less)

Ages 14+ (10+ should be okay too)

Designed by Erik Andersson Sundén

Art by Weberson Santiago and Luis Francisco

Published by Alderac Entertainment Group

My Thoughts

  • Simultaneous play keeps this game moving quickly
  • The tactility of passing a cauldron loaded with cube ingredients and hoping you overload your friends is simply fun
Cardboard cauldron filled with colored wooden cube ingredients for Whirling Witchcraft
  • Very replayable; quick to reset and immediately start a new game
  • Unique witch personalities give you additional strategies to explore on repeat plays
  • Cardboard cauldron components fit in the box without disassembly
Whirling Witchcraft box with spaces designed to store the cauldrons
  • Theme is very suitable for families, unlike many other games you might want to play at Halloween
  • Greatly enjoyed playing, even when losing (I scored 0 a few times)
Whirling Witchcraft recipe cards filled with ingredient cubes

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