Loose Caboose!

A train caboose is on the loose! Extend the track by playing cards to avoid it going off the rails. Roll the matching number of dice to advance the caboose. Penalties will be scored for letting the train derail.

2-4 Players

20 Minutes

Ages 6+

Designed by Michiel de Wit

Art by Kwanchai Moriya

Published by Gamewright

My Thoughts

  • Quick explanation and easy rules for even young children to play.
  • Surprising amount of strategic choices for a simple kids game, particularly in attempting to cancel point cards.
  • Luck based elements are exciting and your choice. You can play a high numbered card risking derailing or pass until there is more track room.
  • Equal parts fun path building card game and dice rolling game
  • Portable. I’ve brought this around to play in restaurants and just roll dice in the box lid.
  • Good quality components with custom molded dice and textured finished cards (not exactly linen finish).
  • Not much art needed for this game, but what they have is appealing.

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