Meeples & Monsters

Evil forces are approaching the city of Rowan in Meeples & Monsters. Send your heroes out to prepare the city, train peasants, fight monsters, and complete quests. Once the Dark Council arrives, players have a final chance to attack the Dark Overlords. Make the most efficient upgrades and defeat more monsters than other heroes to be named the new Earl Marshall.

2-4 Players

45-60 Minutes

Ages 13+

Designed by Ole Steiness

Art by Gong Studios

Published by Alderac Entertainment Group

My Thoughts

  • Bag building is an exciting mechanic. It is fun to pull bits from a bag and hope for the specific bits you need.
  • Meeples & Monsters uses bag building where all components get used and then the bag resets. This means you will definitely get to use powerful meeples you acquire.
  • Several rule ambiguities bog down initial plays of the game. Often leading to a long and bad first impression.
  • Heroes with wood glue, beavers and termite monsters, and dark overlords with saws is funny to board game nerds, but the theme mostly comes across as generic fantasy.
  • Art is great, colorful, and welcoming. Very cool monster and character designs.
  • Satisfying to find useful action combos, or upgrade your heroes and develop your bag to get extra draws.
  • Decent game overall. Had potential to be really good if not hampered by rule issues and other minor flaws.

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